Cologne’s Baumgart doesn’t want to celebrate yet: “Grinn inside anyway”

World upside down at 1. FC Köln, who lost 1-0 to VfL Wolfsburg, but were still able to celebrate later.

As always with full commitment: the Cologne manager Steffen Baumgart.
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Initially, the opening phase indicated the continuation of Cologne’s winning streak (last time four three in a row), as a furious start led to two big chances (Anthony Modeste, 3rd, Benno Schmitz, 6th).

Wolfsburg, however, followed up on their coach Florian Kohfeldt’s announcement not to end the changeable season – and then steadfastly withstood the goat team’s attacks. What’s more: VfL also had an advantage over their opponents: the wolves used at least one of their two interesting chances to score 1-0 (Yannick Gerhardt, 43 ‘) – which, despite the diligent efforts of the Rhenish to equalize, was to be the goal of the day.

Anyway the Champions Cup.

“I congratulated my team on their performance,” said Baumgart. “The guys did their duty, we went ahead and gave everything. The guys gave everything for a successful season.”

Baumgart remembers the occasion on the last day of play

He is currently in 7th place and the relative certainty of reaching the Europa Conference League – Leverkusen’s 4-2 success at Hoffenheim makes it possible – yes. Modeste, who initially found it odd to receive congratulations, eventually told “Sky”: “Anyway, the European Cup”. And, as Baumgart rightly said, there is still something to do: “The season is not over yet. We still have a chance for the Europa League.”

Namely the last day of play in a guest appearance at VfB Stuttgart (Saturday, 15:30).

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