Cloudflare hiccup: Unreachable websites cause a stir

Between 6:34 and 8:06 UTC (8:34 to 10:06 CET) on Tuesday morning, the services of the Internet service provider Cloudflare have been interrupted. Due to the error, many websites were sometimes unavailable for just over an hour. Among other things, Cloudflare offers services to protect websites from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

In such DDoS attacks, cybercriminals often try to blackmail website operators into crippling their online offerings. To do this, they usually have many botnet-infected devices, so-called drones, which send requests to the web server, but without waiting or evaluating responses. The service collapses due to the huge internet traffic, regular users can no longer use it for the duration of the attack. Vendors like Cloudflare offer effective antidotes.

Due to the hiccup of the service, offers like Discord or Feedly, as well as popular news sites like The Intercept, have failed to provide any feedback to users’ web browsers. They only saw an HTTP 500 error page, as reported by Cloudflare. This has led to uncertainty, the #Cloudflare hashtag is even trending on Twitter.

In the meantime, however, it seems that all services can be reached again without any problems. At the moment nothing is known about the background. On the Cloudcare System Status website, the provider stated that the message has been resolved.

Cloudflare’s DNS service experienced outages earlier this year. Users of these services, for example for encrypted DNS, also had to contend with network access problems.


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