Cloudflare: Botnet attack with over 15 million HTTPS requests blocked

Cloudflare, a provider of Internet security and CDN networks, says it has detected and repelled a DDoS attack that reached 15.3 million HTTPS requests per second during peak hours. While this wasn’t the largest application-level DDoS attack ever rejected by Cloudflare, it was the one with the most requests over HTTPS. The botnet attack occurred in early April and lasted less than 15 seconds, according to Cloudflare. It targeted a fintech client who runs a cryptocurrency launchpad used to show decentralized financial projects to potential investors.

Graph of the DDoS attack on fintech customers

Graph of the DDoS attack on fintech customers

Graph of the DDoS attack on fintech customers

(Bild: Cloudflare)

According to a blog post from the provider, the attack was mostly from data centers and went from Internet Service Provider (ISP) for private networks to cloud-managed ISPs. 6,000 bots from 112 countries were involved in the botnet.

15% of the attack traffic came from Indonesia, followed by Russia, Brazil, India, Colombia, the United States, Thailand, Germany and other countries. Within these countries, the attack came from over 1,300 different networks. Most of the attacks are said to come from the servers of the German cloud provider Hetzner Online, writes Cloudflare. Followed by Azteca Comunicaciones Colombia and the French provider OVH. Microsoft recently fought off such an attack, which hit a record 3.47 terabit / s bandwidth.


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