Closing ceremony with Olaf Scholz at Bayer in Chempark Leverkusen

Closing ceremony with Olaf Scholz at Bayer in Chempark
Chancellor’s beverage trolleys

Big project, high-level visitors: Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz came to Chempark for the completion ceremony of Bayer’s new drug manufacturing plant – costs: € 275 million.

The man came – and disappeared again. On Friday afternoon, Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited the company headquarters for the first time with Bayer CEO Werner Baumann during his visit to Chempark. He has entered the company’s golden book and talks about the future with the chairman of the supervisory board, Norbert Winkeljohann, and the head of the general management board, Heike Hausfeld.

Meanwhile, the guests waited in and around the marquee. There was entertainment for all the senses: first an image film, then appetizers. And the drinks for the Chancellor’s visit arrived in wheelbarrows, which corresponded to the closing ceremony that Bayer had invited. Due to the ice cube cooling of the bottles.

Cool Bayer hadn’t announced in advance how much the new solid drug plant cost. Now it’s out: the group is investing 275 million euros in the “first production of learning drugs”, which will start in 2024 with 100 employees. In addition to Scholz, another person from the cabinet was interested in this: the Federal Minister of Health and member of the Bundestag from Leverkusen, Karl Lauterbach.


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