Citroën brings the electric nano as a limited beach stroller: strictly limited

One of the most iconic models in Citroën history is the open Mehari. Now the spirit of the iconic beach furniture can be revived once again, in the form of an electric nano. However, this is strictly limited.

In December 2021, Citroën unveiled a very special concept for its light Ami electric car (available in Germany as Opel Rocks-e): doorless and extra airy with open roof. And now the French are serious. The open two-seater is available in series, but limited to 50 units and from 21 June on the French site of the French house only for online sale. The price starts at around 9,800 euros.

Unlike the concept, the production version forgoes the safari look with off-road wheels and a bull hunter. However, the khaki paint and yellow contrasting elements on the outside and inside have been preserved. The stroller also features wider wheel arches, a large rear roof spoiler and 14-inch wheels with gold-colored perforated rims. So that the occupants do not fall while driving, hinged metal pipes have been installed to replace the door. The roof in gray and waterproof fabric is fastened with press studs. It can be rolled up or removed completely, a tribute to the Citroën 2CV and Mehari icons.

In terms of driving technology, the buggy version remains unchanged. The small car is powered by an 8 HP electric motor, which, depending on the registration, accelerates the two-seater up to 45 km / h. Electricity comes from a 5 kWh battery.

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