Chief VW Diess: Anyone who eats in a restaurant can also afford a car

Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, recently proved that as a CEO you might be living in a different world than the average citizen. According to him, if you can afford steak in New York, you can definitely afford to rent a car.

Specifically, Diess said during the TSMC EU Symposium 2022: “What do you pay for a steak dinner in New York? $ 200 to $ 250 per person? This is the price of renting a good car in the US, maybe. even premium, so you can get a good car for the price of a meal. ”

What is meant by this is the monthly rate for leasing a car, which can actually be between $ 200 and $ 250 in the lower price ranges. However, the fact that those who can pay for a meal in a restaurant can also afford a car is unlikely to be true, and not just because it is not limited to leasing costs alone. In any case, most people would hardly spend $ 250 on a steak for one person.

Diess: Autonomous vehicles still need a generation or two

The somewhat odd comparison was made by VW chief Diess at an event organized by contract chip maker TSMC, reporter reports. Ian Cutress of Ars Technica on Twitter. This shows that his assessment of reality is a bit out of the box, Cutress continues. The conversation with Diess, whose company is obviously one of the customers of the world’s largest contract chip maker, TSMC, was mostly about his forecasts for the further development of the auto industry. In addition to his razor-sharp analysis of the relationship between steak prices in New York and the cost of renting a car, he explained that autonomous vehicles would give people about an extra hour each day to do other things.

However, Diess sees wider use of autonomous vehicles in one or two generations. In his opinion, self-driving cars would already involve ten times more programming code than smartphones. In general, the trend is towards fewer and fewer chips per vehicle and a central software stack instead of individually selected solutions.

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