Cheap battery lawnmower from Aldi at checkout: is the offer worth it?

From Monday (May 2), Aldi Süd will have an offer that should be of particular interest to hobby gardeners. The discounter sells a battery-powered lawnmower for well under € 100. Here you can find out what the device can do and where the problem lies.

A beautiful lawn needs the right care. It also depends on the cut. If you buy a good lawn mower, you need to dig a little deeper in your pocket. However, the discounter Aldi Süd has a particularly affordable offer from May 2, 2022: the Ferrex 40 V cordless lawnmower. It belongs to the Aldi brand of power tools, costs 55 euros and is available while stocks last. However, there is a problem.

What can the Aldi cordless lawnmower do?

According to the manufacturer, the Aldi lawnmower is particularly suitable for smaller lawns up to 200 m2 because it is equipped with a battery. So no cables get in the way when mowing in a small area. Compared to a gasoline lawnmower, the device is also noticeably quieter.

The discount mower is equipped with a 35 liter grass catcher and a safety switch to prevent accidents. In addition, the mower has a cutting surface of 34 centimeters and the cutting height can be adjusted individually: there are six levels between 30 and 80 mm.

The scope of delivery also includes an Allen key, instructions for use and a warranty card. The warranty period is three years. Attention: The cordless lawnmower is only available from Aldi Süd, not from Aldi Nord.

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The discount offer has a problem

Aldi’s Ferrex 40 V cordless lawnmower is priced at 55 euros. The price seems too good to be true. And indeed there is a catch! Because the lawnmower is sold without battery and charger. Activ Energy’s 40V battery costs another 39.99 euros and the universal charger from the same manufacturer costs 14.99 euros.

In all, you pay more than 100 euros for Aldi’s cordless lawnmower, or exactly 109.98 euros. The offer may still be worth it for beginners – similar devices can be more expensive in specialty stores.

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