Changing the concept of baked goods will cost customers dearly


Who doesn’t love him? Fresh rolls for breakfast and dark bread for dinner. Discount stores such as Aldi also offer a wide selection of delicious baked goods. But a change in the range of baked goods will soon have a major impact on the price for Aldi customers: the arrival of regional bakers in Aldi Nord!

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Aldi Nord: regional bakers at discount stores – cautious start in Dortmund and Leipzig

After the first tests in 2021, the Ruhr area now firmly follows sister Aldi in the south. Various products from regional bakers have been on sale in Aldi Süd for a long time. According to the “Lebensmittel-Zeitung”, Aldi Nord now also wants to include bakery products in its range.

According to the report, Aldi Nord has found the pleasure of working with regional bakeries and is already experimenting with the new concept. At first, Dortmund’s Aldi Nord offered as proof a range of eleven items from the local “Grobe” bakery and in Leipzig the discount store offered products from the “Lukas” bakery.

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Aldi Nord: Customers have to dig deeper into their pockets for baked goods

What was a test last year is now an integral part of Aldi: since April, several bakeries have tried to work with the discounter, some local businesses are said to already have contracts and more bakeries could be added in the near future.

A development that also has consequences for Aldi customers: if you want to buy fresh sandwiches and bread from Aldi Nord, in the future you will have to put more money on the table for some products. For example, a pumpkin seed roll would soon cost 1.59 euros and a 750 gram mixed wheat bread would cost 4.95 euros. Not all Aldi customers can afford American spelled for € 1.99. Consumers who have become accustomed to the usual discounted prices will likely feel the price increase more clearly. (mjä)

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