Changes to access for internet banking

In Germany, ING not only eliminated negative interest rates for almost all private customers, but also recently released an app update that allows quick access to the app. There are now far-reaching changes affecting access to banks. The first customers have already been informed.

When registering for internet banking, the bank will use 2-factor authentication in the future. This means that customers confirm each login with their release procedure. The DiBa key, which has long been an important part of the security concept, is no longer available.

The iTAN list and the mTAN procedure will also be phased out gradually. They are replaced by the ING “Banking to go” app and the ING photoTAN generator.

In order for the banking business to be used again quickly if something goes wrong, customers can request a one-time password in the future. ING sends this code via SMS, email or letter. For this, the address, e-mail address or telephone number must be stored.

What personally changes for individual customers depends on whether they have a checking account with ING and the approval process they are currently using.

If you have a current account and the fotoTAN generator hardly changes anything. ING still needs the mobile number for security processes. The query occurs automatically at some point when you log in. As soon as customers have stored their mobile number for security processes, they no longer need the DiBa key for Internet banking registration and later no longer need your iTAN list.

However, there are even more options, so ING has created a FAQ page for customers. The most important questions about the new features that will be introduced in the coming months will be answered there.

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