Celebration after bankruptcy in Mainz: Nagelsmann strongly doubts FC Bayern

Holiday holidays after bankruptcy in Mainz
Nagelsmann strongly doubts FC Bayern

FC Bayern’s signs are always pointing to change: following the grisly 1: 3 defeat in Mainz, manager Julian Nagelsmann indicates that things will change for next season. The joy of winning the German championship now seems to have passed.

No, Julian Nagelsmann could not and did not want to contain himself. Not after such an embarrassing performance by his less than masterful team. But the frustrated FC Bayern manager didn’t dwell long on a verbal slap for his players – in fact, after FSV Mainz 05’s embarrassing 1: 3 (1: 2), he questioned the champions of the German record in their entirety.

It is not just a question of the team, Nagelsmann stressed, but more. “If a company has been very successful for decades, there is always time to change something a little bit at some point,” he said – and he said it not for the first time. Already after the elimination in the Champions League against FC Villarreal he had shaken the previous convictions of the club.

Nagelsmann seemed to despair of his stars just a week after the lavish championship celebration. The beating of Fort Mainzer struck him considerably on the mind. Especially since most of the team are said to have said goodbye to Ibiza afterwards. According to “Bild”, only six professionals, including captain Manuel Neuer, remained away from the trip to the party island. Nagelsmann could have thought about it even when the frightening performance after the assured 10th consecutive title classified her as “a little human”, but stressed: “We still wear the logo on the chest. It just doesn’t work.”

But that is not all. If it seems like “we have to do some service, then this is a point where we have to change something,” Nagelsmann said, stressing, “And that’s where we are now.” Every DAX company that wants to be one of the most successful companies knows about this phenomenon. Nagelsmann assured him that it was not a warning: “I just want us to continue successfully on this path. You must not miss the point.” Time for something new.

Kimmich talks about repeated abandonments

Once again it became clear that the surprising failure in the Champions League and the start and embarrassing end of the cup are far from over. Important decisions are pending on Säbener Straße, well beyond next season. “If you win seven titles in a year and become champion ten times, you always break even at some point when you say, ‘We have to do something different now,'” Nagelsmann stressed.

It is still unclear which staff the Bayern manager will plan with over the next few years. Continued speculation about Robert Lewandowski keeps the club in suspense. The fronts seem hardened. The world footballer, who is rumored to move to FC Barcelona a year before his contract expires, has disappeared from Mainz without saying a word.

In the analysis of the season, the question of Bayern’s unusually frequent departures must also be raised. There would be Gladbach, Augsburg, Bochum or Villarreal – and now Mainz. It gives him a lot to think about, “that this is happening to us again,” admitted Joshua Kimmich over the ARD mic.

Jonathan Burkardt (18th), Moussa Niakhate (27th) and Leandro Barreiro (57th) punished the lethargic champions of the record, Lewandowski’s goal (33rd) did not change anything. Too many defeats “in the same way”, criticized Nagelsmann: “Honestly, Mainz can score eight or nine goals today.” The Monaco coach lacked “a certain basic passion”, but he did not want to give further explanations on the serious drop in performance. He said it “internally”, including the team, Nagelsmann pointed out, “it’s not for the media world.”

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