Breast Cancer Screening: The benefits of mammography are waning

As options for breast cancer therapy have improved, breast cancer mortality is declining. At the same time, however, the benefits of mammography are dwindling, as screening for early detection consistently leads to overdiagnosis, while saving fewer women’s lives. When mammography was introduced, early detection of breast cancer was estimated to prevent about twenty percent of … Read more

4 reasons to eat more gooseberries

Gooseberries are so healthy Although the gooseberry probably originally grew in Asia, the robust berries managed to take root on European soil many centuries ago. Gooseberry bushes and hedges have been native to Northern Europe since the Middle Ages. Like regional and seasonal berries, hairy gooseberries are simply a part of summer. Depending on the … Read more

Late Effects of Shingles: Patient reports stroke

The shingles virus can cause chronic pain, encephalitis, and stroke. (icon image) © Gail Armstrong / Imago Anyone who has had chickenpox can also develop shingles. Two sufferers experience firsthand the serious consequences of the viral disease. Munich – Chickenpox is commonly considered a typical “childhood disease” because children are usually infected with the varicella-zoster … Read more

All information on anti-wrinkle for face and body

When it comes to wrinkle injections, naturalness comes first. Wrinkles on the forehead, lips, cheeks or eyes should disappear, for outsiders, however, the intervention should remain as invisible as possible. Injections with hyaluronic acid and botox (in moderation!) Are the first choice. But that should change now – with Sculptra, the new wrinkle killer. Was … Read more