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Photo: lizaelesina – stock.adobe.com What is the best postoperative medication for pain relief after non-surgical root canal treatment? A new study addresses this question. The study from Iran is based on the evaluation of various data sources, including the Medline, Embase, CENTRAL, Cumulative Index to Nursing, Allied Health Literature and Scopus databases, as well as … Read more

Artificial intake can be extremely harmful to health

First page knowledge Created: 07/11/2022 12:58 Von: Sofia Lother Divided A vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of a severe course of Covid-19. (symbol photo) © Michael Bihlmayer / Imago Images Vitamin D is important for health. A deficiency can be prevented with food supplements. But beware: this too can be harmful. Frankfurt – … Read more

The best combinations of medicinal plants for the summer

The long-awaited summer delights us with many beautiful hours of sunshine outdoors, but it also has its downsides. Humid nights prevent restful sleep, we have migraine attacks from the heat and then the unpleasant recipe for delicious barbecue with family and friends – an annoying heartburn the next morning. The good news: There is a … Read more

St. John’s wort for depression: likely effective

Does the traditional medicinal plant St. John’s wort deserve a place in modern depression therapy? St. John’s wort is considered a natural mood enhancer. Rightly so: it can probably help with depression as well as antidepressants. All people go through life stages where they are sad or lack joy and energy. But: Such bad times … Read more

How many days is the contagion time of the corona variant

First page Germany Created: 7/11/2022 4:52 Von: Yannick Hanke Divided The omcron BA.5 sub-variant is dominant in Germany. The risk of corona variant infection is high. But what is the incubation period like? Berlin – Omikron has the world, Europe and therefore also Germany firmly under control. The Corona variant already has five sub-variants, some … Read more

The man is hospitalized for poisoning

First page Bruise Created: 07/11/2022, 04:55 Von: Tobia Utz Divided Preparations against vitamin D deficiency (photo symbol) © Claudio Divizia / Imago Images After receiving nutritional advice, a man dosed such a high vitamin D preparation that he ended up in the hospital with poisoning. He now he wants to warn others about it. East … Read more