Cash registers sometimes cause problems – many dm branches are affected by a software glitch

Cash registers sometimes cause problems
Many dm branches affected by software problems

At the end of May, discounters and supermarkets across Germany reported problems with card payments. The error seemed to have been resolved after a few days, but now the incident at the drugstore chain dm seems to be repeating itself. In many cities, customers sometimes find themselves in front of closed branches.

Several branches of the Karlsruhe dm pharmacy chain have again reported problems with their checkout systems due to a software glitch. As a result, markets in several German cities had to be closed in the morning. In the early afternoon, the company announced that the error had been found and corrected. The company did not say how many markets nationwide it was affected, even when asked. It is also unclear whether the problems were limited to card payments alone or whether the cash registers did not work as a whole, as reported by the newspaper “Bild”.

The mistake was quickly noticed because it first appeared in markets that opened at 7am, the company reported. The IT specialists quickly solved the problem. Most of the cash registers are up and running again, said CEO Christoph Werner.

Customers in Berlin, Freiburg, Leipzig and Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein had previously reported problems on Twitter and other platforms. In other branches in the same cities, however, the operations would have gone smoothly. “Focus Online” reported that the affected branches could not connect to the Internet.

As early as the end of May, it was not possible to pay by card in a large part of the retail trade throughout Germany. In Aldi Nord, dm, Edeka and Netto, among others, customers could temporarily pay for their purchases in cash only. The cause was a software error in a widely used card payment device that needed to be replaced.

Officially, the cause of the May problem is not yet known. The German trade association has announced that it will work on the effects of the H5000 type of terminal, popular in Germany. The Bundesbank, the financial supervisory authority BaFin, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the Eurosystem partner central banks have also announced their intention to investigate the outage.

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