C&A closes branches: also affected the branches of the fashion chain in Franconia?

  • C&A will close several branches in Germany in 2022
  • No fight against insolvency: fashion chain denied at the end of 2021 voices
  • “Regular analyzes”: Several Positions he should do it soon
  • Are also C & A-Geschfte in Franken wanted? the company expresses itself

To die Mode-Kette C&A had faced last fall voices to one alleged fight against the bankruptcy of the company denied. At the time, the media had talked about the fact that about 100 C&A branches in Germany would be closed – that was it resizing and more Focus on online business the speech – it was not true. Now it’s clear: C&A will close its offices in 2022 – but not that many. What are they – and how about them C&A branches in Franconia ordered?

C&A confirms closures: these locations must close in 2022

In front of the news portal 24Rhein has ABOUT so far the Closure of nine branches confirmed. The company tends to keep a low profile when it comes to questions about closures and only specifically comments on the individual locations concerned, such as in responding to a request for emerges. According to 24Rhein, in Brilon, Sonthofen, Freital and Diepholz already on Closed offices. C&A has more upcoming branch closures Wismar, Unna, Northeim and Gifhorn confirmed.

Also in Emmerich it should end soon, as a spokesperson for the fashion chain said explained. As part of periodic analyzes, C&A came to the decision (…) to close the Emmerich branch. “That The rental expires on August 15, 2022“, according to the spokesperson last day of sale I’m not sure yet.

“To live up to our responsibilities as employers, our colleagues at the Emmerich location had the following options to choose from: a TFR in case of voluntary departure oa Work continued in another location“explains the spokesperson. ABOUT according to their own statements, the plans for autumn 2021 huge investments in digital solutions, “to better respond to consumer needs”. These could “impact on a number of jobs in Europe”the fashion giant explained at the time.

What are the prospects for the C&A branches in Franconia?

In C&A has branches in many Franconian cities. These are the headquarters of the region’s fashion chains:

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  • Ansbach, Residenzstrae 2-6
  • Aschaffenburg, Goldbacher Strae 4
  • Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Marktplatz 22 – 28
  • Bamberg, Franz-Ludwig-Strae 4
  • Bayreuth, Hohenzollernring 58
  • Erlangen, Rathausplatz 4
  • Frth, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Strae 6
  • Frth, Leyher Strae 100
  • Hallstadt, Michelinstrae 142
  • Hof, Altstadt 11-13
  • Kitzingen, Marktbreiter Straße 1
  • Kulmbach, Langgasse 15
  • Marktredwitz, Leopoldstrae 30
  • Nuremberg, actually Bayreuther Strae 80
  • Nuremberg, Glogauer Strae 30-38
  • Nuremberg, Ludwigsplatz 25-27
  • Schwabach, Am Falbenholzweg 15-17
  • Schweinfurt, Gunnar-Wester-Strasse 8
  • Wurzburg, Kaiserplatz 1

of the C&A shop for children’s and youth fashion in Forchheim was already closed in 2019 due to the need to renovate the building at the time, in Coburg the C&A branch in Spitalgasse closed at the end of 2020. But according to the current state, no other branches in Franconia should be closed at least in 2022, explained the spokesman “As for Franconia, no closures are planned for 2022“, they say. If the C&A locations in Franconia will also be safe in 2023it probably depends above all on the results of the analysis of the supply chain on profitability.

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