BVB – VfL Bochum: Dortmund stars whistle mercilessly – Bundesliga

17:25 yesterday in Dortmund: On the one hand, Bochum’s team dances wildly on the lawn, celebrating relegation. Coach Reis makes an incredible jubilant run, he can hardly be stopped. In the guest block, VfL fans are going crazy with joy.

On the other hand, the dejected BVB stars are greeted with a loud whistling concert from the legendary South Stand.

Dortmund surprisingly lost 3: 4 in the Ruhr derby to VfL Bochum. Ironically, in the 100th Bundesliga match of coach Marco Rose (45).

Whistle and Cup Throwing: Dortmund Fans’ Frustration!

The BVB fans have seen enough and have once again been brutally disappointed this season. The 3: 4 against Bochum was the sixth (!) Home defeat this season. And already the fourth embarrassing failure with more than four goals (2: 5 against Leverkusen, 2: 4 against Glasgow, 1: 4 against Leipzig, 3: 4 against Bochum).

When walking in front of the south grandstand whistle, the players are hesitant, they prefer to keep a safe distance from the yellow wall and stay on the edge of the penalty area.

This obviously pushes the fans into the palm of their hand! The excitement gets stronger and the cups fly towards the team.

Totally frustrated, but wants to thank the fans: Audience favorite Jude Bellingham alone in front of the South Grandstand

Totally frustrated, but wants to face fans individually again – crowd favorite Jude Bellingham later alone in front of the south grandstandPhoto: Getty Images

Julian Brandt on Sky: “It is one thing to lose the game and the other is to be booed, rightly so. This makes the afternoon bitter in the end.”

Coach Rose then talks about a “non-performance” of his team: “Of course I can understand people’s anger. But I don’t think players deserve to be insulted.”

There are also obvious disagreements in the team during this scene. While some players deliberately stay in the background and want to drag the team away, Heimlich’s boss and crowd favorite Bellingham, among others, invites them to get closer.

Finally, when the other stars trudged away in disappointment, Bellingham stood alone facing south and cheered on the whistling stand. He had already done so after the embarrassing 4-1 defeat against Leipzig.

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