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For some, this gift has a very bitter burger aftertaste …

A video is currently going viral on the internet, which is expected to show a Burger King employee. The man claims to have worked for the fast food giant for 27 years without a single absenteeism.

The 45-second video was viewed more than two million times on Twitter alone. In it you can see the unidentified man who, according to his own statements, unpacking a thank you bag for his long service with the company. It was not entirely clear whether the gifts came from Burger King (according to Statista, world sales in 2021: over 1.8 billion dollars) or from colleagues.

Here the employee presents a glass of StarbucksPhoto: TikTok

And what has the man achieved for 27 years without a day off, according to the clip? A movie ticket, a box of chocolates, a Starbucks mug, a keychain plus a keychain, two pens and two boxes of candy.

A controversy has erupted online over the video. Some praise modesty and note that the employee is honestly happy with the little things. In fact, he says several times “thank you very much” and that the gifts are “very nice”. At the end there is a double thumbs up and the comment: “Loyalty pays off”.

And - hey - man can't lose the key so fast anymore

And hey! Man can no longer lose the key so quicklyPhoto: TikTok

Most users are certain that the man passes the potato chip giant or his colleagues through cocoa or ketchup and that the gifts – depending on their opinion – can be classified between “waste” and “outrageous”.

One user writes: “The guy worked for Burger King for 27 years and wasn’t even rewarded with gifts worth $ 27.” Another calls Instagram: “He deserves his branch!” A woman reports that children love the cardboard headdress and says, “Hey Burger King, you lost the crown.”

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