Bundesnetzagentur: Internet often slower than promised

Status: 06/14/2022 14:47

Only about one third of all Internet customers can surf at the speed promised by the provider. This is demonstrated by an assessment by the Federal Network Agency. The situation is even worse for mobile communications.

Many customers do not get the promised Internet speed. Across all bandwidth classes and providers, the contractually agreed maximum download speed was fully met or exceeded by only 36.5% of users, as announced by the Federal Network Agency in Bonn. Based on this, 83.5% of users received at least half of the agreed maximum data rate in the measurement period from October 2020 to September 2021.

According to the Federal Network Agency, the results differed between individual bandwidth classes and providers. However, at around 80%, the majority of customers were satisfied with the performance of their broadband connection. Less than ten percent gave their connection a rating of 5 or 6.

Cellular coverage even worse

According to the information, the general level of mobile communications was again well below that of the fixed network. Only 2.6 percent of users reached or exceeded the contractually agreed maximum data transfer rate when downloading. In the same period last year, this was the case for 2.1 percent. 20.1 percent – 17.4 percent in the same period last year – of users received at least half the agreed speed. As a result, there were also differences in mobile communications with regard to suppliers. However, the vast majority of end customers rated suppliers – around 76 percent – with ratings of 1 to 3.

According to the Federal Network Agency, no statements on the supply situation or availability of broadband Internet can be derived from the measurement of broadband. It is only checked whether the suppliers provide their customers with the contractually guaranteed transmission speed. “The results are still not satisfactory,” said Federal Network Agency president Klaus Müller. Customers often did not reach the promised internet speed.

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