Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé (2022): Sondermodell im Art-Déco-Look

Bugatti launches a special model of the Chiron in honor of L’Ébé Bugatti. In the name of Ettore Bugatti’s daughter, three examples with an Art Déco look are made. These are the latest Chiron and Chiron Sport models for Europe.

The interesting thing about hypercars like the Bugatti Chiron is that you have to technically explain the car as a new version, and therefore you mainly like the special models that appear regularly. There is no longer a need to explain to the reader that the engineers squeezed up to 1,600 horsepower and as many Newton meters of torque from the eight-liter W16 engine. That four turbochargers do their job, catapult the Chiron to 100 km / h in 2.3 seconds and speeds up to 490 km / h are possible, you already know. That’s why we’re telling you something you probably didn’t know: Chiron and Chiron Sport are entering the home stretch of their European career with L’Ébé special models. A total of three copies were made (one Chiron L’Ébé and two Chiron Sport L’Ébé), after which these model variants were completed.

It certainly won’t come as a surprise to you that all three have already been sold. Two of them have already been delivered; the third is expected to pass to its new owner in June 2022. It’s unlikely you’ll ever see any in real life, so maybe don’t shed tears now. Furthermore, you have us to get an idea of ​​the exclusive vehicle. So let’s take a look at what sets the final models apart.


An embroidery in the door panels shows the evolution of Bugatti models.

Gilded the name

The word “L’Ébé” (try typing it yourself on a computer keyboard, by the way) is found in numerous places. Both under the rear wing and on the door sills, the headrests and of course on a license plate in the center console. According to the producer, L’Ébé was not only Ettore Bugatti’s eldest son, but also his soul mate. So you can add the name a few times in gold letters, of course. Gold accents can also be found in other places. They adorn the character lines of the bodywork, frame the radiator grille and adorn the wheel rims. In the middle, an outer skin made of blue-tinted carbon shimmer.

Inside, the design theme continues. In the door panels, Bugatti immortalizes the evolution of its vehicles in embroidery: the two sides differ, however, by a combination of inverted colors. While the basic version of a Bugatti Chiron, available since 2016, costs around 2.4 million euros and in the case of a Chiron Sport three million euros quickly changes hands, L’Ébé models are likely to be significantly more expensive. How expensive remains a secret for the moment, but you probably already knew that.


Yes, my billionaire friends laugh at me with a standard Chiron.

No, I always take pure cars, with as little equipment as possible: the Chiron is no exception.

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Bugatti ended the career of Chiron and Chiron Sport on the European market. Finally, there are three special models in honor of Ettore Bugatti’s eldest son and soulmate, L’Ébé Bugatti. Of course, they have all already been sold and some are already with their new owners.

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