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NEL ASA will present its last quarter data at the quarterly financial conference on May 5, 2022.

Estimates from 5 analysts are based on earnings per share of NOK -0.048 on average. This means that EPS would have increased by 88.09% compared to the previous year’s result. At that time NOK -0.403 per share was on the books.

As for sales, according to 8 analysts, NEL ASA averaged NOK 257.4 million in the last quarter. This would correspond to an increase in sales of 63.96% compared to the previous year’s result. At the time, NEL ASA had a turnover of NOK 157.0 million.

Overall, 19 analysts expect an average loss of NOK -0.340 per share for the current fiscal year, compared to NOK -1.150 per share the previous year. 20 analysts averaged the annual turnover at NOK 1.19 billion. The previous year, NOK 798.0 million was still up for grabs. editorial staff

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