Bottlenecks in the summer: Lufthansa has to cancel another 2,200 flights

bottlenecks in the summer
Lufthansa has to cancel another 2,200 flights

Air travelers face inconvenience in the summer months. Lufthansa is cutting hundreds of connections due to serious personnel problems. Mainly affected German and European domestic flights. In addition, there may also be schedule changes, the group announced.

Lufthansa cancels even more flights due to staff shortages at airports. The airline will take another 2,200 out of a total of around 80,000 flights into the Frankfurt and Munich hubs out of the system in the summer, Lufthansa said. 900 eliminations had previously been announced for July. This mainly concerns German and European domestic flights, but not classic holiday destinations, which are well occupied during the holiday season.

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Links are not only canceled on weekends, like in July, but also during the week. “Also, there may be changes in flight times,” she said. Air travel is struggling with staff shortages in the high season, especially for ground services, but to some extent also for flight attendants. Lufthansa and other airlines are canceling flights early and offering alternative flights or domestic rail connections to avoid chaos.

A Lufthansa spokesperson told ntv on request: “The entire aviation industry, especially in Europe, is currently suffering from bottlenecks and staff shortages. This particularly affects airports, ground handling services, control of the aircraft. air traffic and consequently also airlines “. Lufthansa has implemented numerous measures and, where possible, is recruiting additional staff to ensure the greatest possible stability of flight schedules and thus offer its passengers “the best possible planning security”.

Demand is stronger than expected

Lufthansa chief Carsten Spohr had already promised further cuts on Monday. This may be necessary to stabilize air traffic in Europe, which suffers from understaffing and delays, Spohr said at the annual meeting of the IATA global airline association in Doha. In July alone, Lufthansa canceled around 900 weekend flights in Germany and Europe, which corresponds to around five percent of capacity.

Air traffic then recovered more than expected, Spohr said. More recently, the lifting of the corona test requirement for US flights has increased demand and ticket prices. The staff shortage in the sector could continue beyond the summer. Aviation and hospitality face structural employment problems. Politicians need to pay attention to this, Spohr asked.

“Flight safety strikes, weather events and, in particular, an increase in the rate of corona sickness have now put a strain on the system,” the company spokesman said today. “The nationwide increase in the number of corona infections that can currently be observed does not stop with Lufthansa and its employees.” In the past few days, crews have fallen ill at short notice. “These industry-wide challenges have meant that airlines across Europe, including Lufthansa, have had to remove more flights from the system in order to cover peak traffic.”

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