Boris Becker says goodbye to loved ones – sentencing expected tomorrow

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Phrase expected tomorrow: Boris Becker greets his loved ones

Boris Becker

Boris Becker has met many people close to him over the past few weeks

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It could be his last day off. Tomorrow the London court will determine the sentence of Boris Becker, which could mean up to seven years in prison for him.

Boris Becker expects the sentence to be announced tomorrow in the delay in the insolvency procedure. The former tennis star was charged with 24 counts, four of which he was found guilty. Judge Deborah Taylor will announce the sentence on April 29. Becker can face up to seven years in prison.

Boris Becker seems to be preparing for the worst and has used the past few weeks to say hello to his friends and family.

Boris Becker also said goodbye to Lily Becker

According to the British news portal “Daily Mail”, he has even been spending time with his ex-wife Lily Becker in recent days. The two were spotted together in London. Of course, his children also visited the father of four. Noah Becker has already accompanied his father to the trial, Amadeus is said to have come with his mother Lily.

For him there is also the partner of the former professional tennis player Lilian de Carvalho. The “Daily Mail” reports a tearful hug. Becker has been free on bail since the verdict was announced on April 9, 2022.

The guilty verdict is based on a previous bankruptcy delay process. Becker filed for bankruptcy in 2017 but did not disclose all assets. The prosecutor’s office accused him of deliberately hiding parts of the bankruptcy estate.

Her mother Elvira Becker also spoke to the judge and asked her not to send her son to prison. The 86-year-old insisted earlier this month that he was “a decent boy overall”, adding, “I hope my son doesn’t go to jail.”

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