Boeing heads for a new delay at 777-9

SEATTLE – Boeing again slips overtime on 777-9. The well-connected specialist portal “The Air Current” in Seattle reports a further delay in the program until the end of 2024. The program’s largest customer, Emirates, had recently announced the withdrawal from 777-9 for this case.

Boeing is facing a new delay with the 777-9. The group juggles “competing development priorities” with the 737 MAX 10, 787 and 777-9 while struggling with “design, approval and market environment” issues with the new 400-seater, reports “The current of air” on Fridays.

According to three insiders, the Airbus competitor will extend the schedule for the first delivery from the end of 2023 to the end of 2024.

TO Sources from the news agency “Reuters” Boeing is now also aiming for a single approval by the end of 2024 and will not deliver the first 777-9 until 2025.

Boeing has not yet commented on the reports. Another delay is difficult for the manufacturer. In addition to Lufthansa, two other customers, Emirates and Qatar Airways, are waiting for the first 777-9s. Emirates recently announced that it would reconsider the order in case of another delay.

Blue of the Emirati fleet

“If the approval scheduled for July 2023 (of 777-9, ed) is postponed for another year, we will probably cancel the program,” he added. Emirati chief Tim Clark clarified in an interview with in February. “It can’t go on like it is now.”

Emirates had previously reduced its order from the original 115 777-9 and 35 777-8 to 126 aircraft, but it is still by far the largest customer on the Boeing program. The airline plans to continue using its A380 fleet until 2030 due to delays, Clark said.

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Post dated April 23, 2022 – 2:16 pm

Dear editors,
Again, I don’t really understand why it’s so hard to flag what’s added in an update …

Post from 23/04/2022 – 10:31

Emirates is fortunate that A380s are not required and contracts can be easily renewed or additional A380s leased. With the A350 and B777, the carrying capacity will inevitably decrease, so maybe you need to expand DWC or move Fly Dubai there.

Post from 23/04/2022 – 10:10

Now that the demand for air travel is already above pre-Covid levels, …Is there any evidence for this? Thanks.

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