BMW stops conveyor belts in Regensburg – This is the situation in Dingolfing

Production – here the BMW iX in Dingolfing – could be restarted earlier. – Photo: BMW

While BMW’s Regensburg plant (9,000 employees) shuts down car production this week due to a lack of semiconductors and components, Dingolfing’s lines (18,000 employees) were restarted a little earlier than expected on Monday. At least in one of the two pavilions where the cars are produced.

At the BMW plant in Lower Bavaria, the largest in Europe, however, production was stopped during the Easter holidays. According to the original plans, it was to last until 4 May inclusive. Nonetheless, the two-shift operation was resumed yesterday in a room, confirmed a spokesperson to the PNP. In the second production hall, the PU (production stoppage) referred to in BMW terms continues as planned. Not for lack of parts, but to prepare for new models, as they say, without giving details. However, a new version of the Series 5 volumetric model is planned for next year. Production processes need to be prepared accordingly at an early stage. The stop will therefore remain as expected until the following Wednesday inclusive. BMW emphasizes its flexibility in production. Rest days are balanced with holidays or time count.

There is a shortage of semiconductors and components from Ukraine

At the BMW plant in Regensburg, much of the production has stopped since Monday. Semiconductors and components from Ukraine are missing here, as a spokesperson confirmed that work in the printing, paint, body and assembly shop is currently suspended. Around 1,000 BMW X1, X2 and 1 Series models are produced every day in Regensburg. According to information, it is not yet clear how things will go in the next week.

Dingolfing’s BMW also knows the situation of not being able to build cars due to missing parts. A few weeks ago, production was stopped, which was overtaken with reduced work due to the confusing situation. The automaker does not currently need this tool, “but the situation naturally remains tense,” says the Dingolfing spokesperson. – pnp

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