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Bill Gates was responsible for all sorts of nonsense. Early versions of Windows were torture, he believed the Internet wouldn’t catch on – and then there was digital assistant Karl Klammer.

But you could never blame him for one thing: Gates always had a clear vision of the essential. He created Windows when most people still believed that PCs should be controlled with text commands. He threw his network theory away when he saw how the Internet evolved. He was the first to believe in tablet PCs and eventually quit his job at Microsoft to pursue really important projects. He today he fights against poverty, hunger and disease.

Anyone who thought the idea of ​​an animated paper clip as an assistant was a good idea was drastically wrong

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Gates has always been a nerd at heart. Now the fourth richest man on earth (“Forbes” estimates his fortune at just over $ 126 billion) has very clear investment tips for anyone considering whether it’s a good time to get into high-tech investment cryptocurrencies and / or join NFTs.

The market for NFTs (non-fungible tokens, unforgeable files, the digital version of a unique work of art) is currently under interesting development: the trading volume is increasing, while at the same time the values ​​of individual NFTs have recently dropped dramatically. Apparently, one or the other investor has now noticed that buying a grainy image of a streamer for $ 125,000 was not a good idea.

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Gates sums up the NFT business as follows: “It’s 100 percent based on the principle that you always have to find someone stupid who pays even more money than yourself.” A euphoric buy recommendation sounds different.

The Microsoft founder also has a very simple tip for cryptocurrencies. Even before the turning point in performance last November, he told Bloomberg financial service he doesn’t believe in long-term success. His conclusion: “If you have no more money than Elon Musk, you shouldn’t invest in cryptocurrencies.”

So, if you’re tempted by the currently supposedly low prices, take a look at your account balance – if it’s less than $ 221 billion, Gates advises caution. If the suffering becomes unbearable, you can invest a small amount. In case Gates is just as correct here as with Karl Klammer.

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