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A year of costly shock – and there is no end in sight!

The Federal Statistical Office released new data on Monday: producers (e.g. of foodstuffs) increased their prices in May by an average of 33.6% compared to the previous year. Disk!

Means: In the coming months, shopping will be even more expensive.

The expensive BILD calendar

Here are the rising prices:

July: Gas suppliers are increasing their tariffs one after the other – up to 300 percent! Hotels and restaurants increase their prices by at least 5% due to the Christmas holidays (Dehoga).

August: Price supplements for wheat / flour make bread, rolls and cakes more expensive. The next price surge is also imminent for dairy products (quark, yogurt, cheese).

September: No more discounts on tanks! Gasoline will cost up to 35 cents / liter more, diesel up to 17 cents / liter. Bus and train journeys are also becoming more expensive (the 9 euro ticket expires).

For mustard, beer, potato products, e.g. French fries, French fries, price supplements are at risk. Lemonade could also get more expensive (due to a lack of carbon).

October: The minimum wage rises to 12 euros / hour, haircuts, cosmetic treatments and massages, among other things, become more expensive.

November December: Cookies, roasts and fir trees, among other things, are becoming more expensive.

January: Price increases for gyms, cinemas, etc. There is also the risk of higher health contributions and gas tariffs.

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