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BILDplus birthday

Win a Tefal contact grill for BILDplus birthday!

+++ BILDplus turns 9 and you can win every day +++

On the fifth day of our birthday week, we packed a fantastic treat for you and tied it with a bow. If your neighbors have already made you jealous with the delicious smell of grilled steaks and sausages, don’t miss today’s prize!

Your current BILDplus birthday reward

Today (06/12/2022) Tefal is giving away 15 times the OptiGrill XL GC722D / 8 contact grill exclusively on BILDplus!

With OptiGrill + XL, intelligent technology guarantees delicious cooking results. With a 33% larger grill area, it is ideal for grilling with family and friends. Including “Automatic Sensor Cooking” technology: cooking time and temperature are automatically adjusted according to 9 cooking programs (burgers, steaks, sandwiches, sausages, fish, poultry, seafood, pork and bacon) depending on the thickness and quantity of food to be grilled. Additionally, there is a way to defrost frozen foods.

Delicious cooking results with Tefal’s smart contact grill in XL format!

A great feature is the monitoring via the indicator light: purple for preheating, blue, then green at the start of cooking, yellow when the food is roasted until golden brown, orange for medium and red for well done. To the point for all tastes! Just lift the lid and remove the meat when it’s ready. The rest can continue cooking! With the additional manual mode with 4 adjustable temperatures, you can prepare a wide variety of foods, fruits and vegetables, just the way you like them.

It’s that easy:
– Log in as a BILDplus customer or become an economic BILDplus customer
– Fill in the form
– Fingers crossed!

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