Big Change on Amazon: You will no longer find it in packs in the future – Panorama

– In order to reduce disposable packaging and plastic waste in shipping centers, shipping giant Amazon said in a press release that German customers will no longer find plastic bubble wrap in their packages in the future. Read here what you will find in your packaging.

The plastic bubble wrap, which so often protects the contents of Amazon’s packages, has to be largely removed from the packages. This should not only happen in packages that arrive directly from Amazon, but also in packages from other fulfillment centers of the online giant. With this, the company wants to reduce disposable packaging and plastic waste in shipping centers.

Alternatively, the products must be protected with recyclable paper packaging. As early as December 2021, Amazon took its first steps and switched shipping envelopes to paper versions.

exceptional cases

From time to time, however, it may happen that there are plastic packaging in the packages. For example, if Amazon receives plastic packaging from the manufacturer, the product will also be shipped with the appropriate packaging. This saves the company from having to add more packaging material.

Plastic packaging (e.g. bubble wrap) can also occur with very fragile items or products that may be leaking.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, packages can also be packed in single-use plastic bags to prevent packages from getting wet in the event of the recipient’s home delivery.

Checking the packaging

If Amazon’s sales partners send packages directly to customers, the company has no influence on the outer packaging. In all other cases, Amazon is responsible for direct control of the packaging.

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