Better not to fill up in the morning due to high fuel prices


If you want to save money, you should definitely not refuel in the morning. This is even more true this year than usual, because the typical morning rush hour price spike for diesel is higher than it has ever been since ADAC looked into the development.

In the video we explain how to save fuel.

Refueling in the evening compared to the morning: more than double compared to a year ago

Fuel is much more expensive in the morning than in the evening: in May, according to an analysis by the ADAC, the difference between the peak price in traffic at rush hour and the low in the evening for diesel was more than 16 cents. . It is more than double from a year ago and the highest value the traffic club has ever determined in the annual analysis since 2015. Also for the Super E10 the price range has increased compared to the previous year and has hovered around to 10 cents.

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“In the morning rush hour, an attempt was made once again to demand particularly high prices from some customers,” criticized ADAC expert Jürgen Albrecht. According to the assessment, the price was highest around 7 am. Then Diesel averaged 12 and Super E10 more than 6 cents above the daily average. In the late evening, however, diesel was about 5 cents below the daily average and the E10 just below 4 cents. The daily curve shows a total of seven waves for both types of fuel. The first gets up from just before 5:00 to 7:00. Prices then drop sharply until 9am, before rising slightly by 10am. From there it gradually descends in a wave motion.

This is the cheapest time to refuel

A man fills a car.

Fill up in the morning? Better not!

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According to the ADAC, the cheapest time to fill up in May is between 6pm and 7pm and between 8pm and 10pm. This was also the case in previous years. According to the ADAC, there are hardly any price changes at night, at an average level. “In June, the cards were reshuffled due to ongoing shifts,” Albrecht said, referring to the tax cut earlier this month, accompanied by many movements in the fuel market. “But the periods from 18:00 to 19:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00 remain particularly favorable. Furthermore, drivers should keep their eyes open and consciously promote competition through their refueling behavior. you have to fill up in the morning, often smaller quantities are enough “.

According to the ADAC, the prices of virtually all petrol stations in Germany in May were included in the assessment. (dpa / vdu)

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