Because eating full helps you lose weight

In her book “Nutrition That Protects Us”, Portius explains how we can keep our bodies healthy and protect them from the diseases of civilization with the help of the GlykLich diet she devised, without having to give up on the fun. The low glycemic anti-inflammatory diet not only helps to reduce chronic inflammatory processes, but also to balance blood sugar and insulin levels and build healthy intestinal flora. And by the way, we also prevent or reduce obesity. And without starving. On the contrary: hunger and calories are NOT expressly desired with the GlykLich diet.

If we give our body far fewer calories than it needs, it switches to the so-called hunger metabolism and reduces energy consumption. And if we eat “normally” again after a while, our body stores whatever it can get. This often leads to the infamous yo-yo effect. On the other hand, if you eat your fill three times a day, you prevent pangs of hunger.

But not only the quantity makes it up: according to Portius, it’s not the calories themselves that lead to an increase in metabolically active abdominal fat and inflammatory processes. Rather, it is the quality of our food. Therefore, the expert chose a balanced mixed diet with natural foods as the basis of the GlykLich diet. The recipes are designed in such a way that they have a balance between complex carbohydrates, high quality proteins, healthy fats and phytochemicals.

The GlykLich diet therefore eliminates simply ground carbohydrates such as white flour and the products derived from it. Instead, it relies on foods with complex carbohydrates and a high fiber content such as legumes or whole-grain products such as oatmeal, brown rice, or wholemeal bread. At the same time, the recommended food selection contains a high percentage of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. The GlykLich diet promotes the absorption of essential anti-inflammatory fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. in nuts, seeds, linseed oil and fatty fish such as salmon or herring) and at the same time reduces the intake of unfavorable trans fats and saturated fatty acids.

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