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Prominent support for Ibiza Bayern!

Toni Kroos (32) talks in his podcast “Einfach mal luppen” about the short trip of some professionals of the record champions in the hot phase of the season. After the embarrassing 1: 3 in Mainz, the group used two days of rest to switch off in Ibiza.

Absolutely understandable to Kroos: “Regardless of the fact that personally I wouldn’t be the type for this trip, I think it’s good that they made it despite the defeat in Mainz. Strangers think they can dictate to adults what to do and what not to do in the days. free. That’s why I think it’s exactly right that people don’t listen or pay attention to this. “

And again: “Absolutely nothing criminal has happened. After they returned, I think they had five days before the next game. These are all people who know how to behave. “

Unfortunate timing is also no problem for Kroos. By the time of the trip to Ibiza, Bayern’s season of champions was already over, but other clubs such as Hertha were still struggling with relegation. Berlin manager Felix Magath (68) had criticized this (“I will absolutely not allow such a thing”).


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Kroos: “They had achieved a goal, they also had something to celebrate and then they took two days off from their employer and didn’t even get into debt. If that’s the problem, I’d say the situation is still stable.”

Clear words from the real star!

Kroos is also on Hasan Salihamidzic’s side (45). The sporting director had defended the trip after public criticism as a team building measure.

The 2014 world champion: “I don’t think it is necessary to defend such a thing. If someone trains with the three per thousand during the first training session, it is probably to be criticized. Then I understand, I don’t think there is anything to justify. they are young people who have two days off and then do what they want during those two days “.

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