Bayern Munich: Nagelsmann visits the volunteer fire brigade – Munich

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann visited 4 fire station in Munich after his fire brigade sayings. “My statement about the volunteer firefighters was poorly worded. I never wanted to discredit the volunteer firefighters or volunteer helpers,” the coach of the German record champions wrote on social networks on Monday evening.

The photos show him in a lively conversation in the fire station. “Socially engaged people are role models and are essential to a functioning society,” continued the refined Nagelsmann. The 34-year-old said at the press conference for the top match against Borussia Dortmund on Thursday: “We are not with the volunteer fire brigade from Südgiesing, we are with FC Bayern Munich.”

Nagelsmann had talked about his team’s motivation. The coach then said on Sky TV on Saturday, just before the Bundesliga match, that he wanted to express that his players were employed – and in that sense they didn’t play voluntarily. “I was only interested in the word ‘voluntary’,” Nagelsmann said. “I’m the last person to discredit the volunteer or the fire department. I apologize to anyone who took it the wrong way.” The work and motivation of the volunteer firefighters are “more than honorable, we need it in the country,” said Nagelsmann.

During Nagelsmann’s visit, volunteer firefighters simulated an operation in which people were rescued from a burning building. Nagelsmann also climbed 30 meters with the revolving ladder vehicle.

The FCB head coach also presented a Bayern shirt with the emergency number 112 to the emergency services. city ​​fire and commander of the Munich Volunteer Fire Brigade, in the direction of Nagelsmann.

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