Bayern are working on a Haaland transfer in the background!

FC Bayern have been associated with a commitment from Erling Haaland for months. While Isar officials have repeatedly stressed that they are not financially capable of handling a relocation, they appear to be working on a change of background.

Bayern executives have never really hidden that they are involved with the Norwegian striker. Club boss Oliver Kahn recently pointed out in the double pass of “SPORT1” that the name Haaland FCB is definitely a problem internally: “We wouldn’t do our job justice if we didn’t deal with a young striker like him.”

As the “BILD” reports, the people of Munich met the Norwegian in person not long ago. According to the newspaper, at the beginning of March there was a “one-hour match” between Hasan Salihamidzic and the striker in the villa of the FCB sporting director. At the time, the BVB professional was in the Bavarian capital to be treated for a muscle injury.

It is also interesting: at the same time, Oliver Kahn was a guest of the consultant Haaland Mino Raiola in Munich. According to reports, the meeting was also about a possible change of Haaland in the summer. One indication of this is the fact that the 52-year-old recently referred to the overall financial package of a move, pointing out that it is “far, far away from what we imagine”. But how does Kahn know the numbers so precisely?

Man City is in pole position, Bayern only have outsider chances

According to current media reports, Haaland tends to move to Manchester City in the English Premier League. Consequently, the Sky Blues should have the edge in the competition for the shooting star. The Norwegian can leave BVB at the beginning of the summer thanks to a 75 million euro exit clause. With deposit, commissions and salary (for a 5-year contract), the total package is expected to exceed € 300 million.

In view of the latest statements by Kahn and Salihamidzic, Bayern have “officially” left the game and stressed the tense financial situation and their austerity measures in terms of player transfers. According to Jan-Age Fjörtoft, considered a close friend of the Haaland family, the Munich officials are still trying to capture the striker: “I have no idea of ​​the numbers. But it’s not true that Bayern aren’t there because it’s too expensive” According to Fjörtoft, however, the FCB has only one chance as an outsider: “ManCity are in pole position. But I know Bayern are still trying hard to catch him.”

Can’t Bayern really afford Haaland?

Whether Bayern actually have the option of signing Haaland is open. The decisive question is whether or not the people of Munich want to afford such a mega transfer.

According to information from “SPORT1”, Manchester attracts the striker with a gross annual salary of 30 million euros. For comparison: Robert Lewandowski earns around 23-25 ​​million euros in Munich. The two top scorers are therefore not too far apart in terms of salary. One-off payments (commissions and transfer fees) of nearly € 150 million also appear to be a “fair price”. Haaland’s market value is currently estimated at € 150 million. This makes the youngster one of the most valuable football professionals in the world and the trend is on the rise.

The next few weeks will show just how serious Bayern’s interest is. One thing is clear: if a Lewandowski extension were to explode, it would be remiss from Munich’s point of view not to try their luck with Haaland.

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