Battery storage with 8.7 kWh presented

Toyota introduced battery storage for private households. Technologically, this is based on the same basis as electric vehicles. This is meant to provide electricity to households and can also be used for emergency power.

The variant presented has a nominal capacity of 8.7 kWh and a nominal power of 5.5 kW. This is intended to ensure a permanent power supply for households, even during power outages, eg. B. from natural disasters. In combination with a photovoltaic system, the storage can be filled during the day and provide the necessary amount of electricity during the night.

Interesting story from Toyota: AC power supply (100V) for electric vehicles (HEV, PHEV, BEV, FCEV) is also supported. In addition, the electricity stored in the electric car can be used as a backup power source in the event of a power failure.

Various doorbells and whistles are also offered – some settings can be made in real time via Wi-Fi and the app. According to current information, it is only for the Japanese market. The battery storage systems will be installed there from August.


Estimated capacity 8.7 kWh
Maximum output 5.5kW
Operating temperatures -20? to +45?
(-20? to +40? when using automated operation or vehicle power adapter)
Dimensions and weight (L x W x H) Hybrid power conditioner 445 x 198 x 698 mm / 33 kg
DC to DC converter 337 x 92.4 x 429mm / 9.0kg
Storage battery unit 1.142 x 341 x 432 mm / 142 kg
Vehicle power adapter 372 x 140 x 532 mm / 9.0 kg
Installation location Outdoors

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