Bafang introduces the new 3-speed automatic transmission hub

Bafang has made a name for itself in the past with its electric motors for e-bikes, e.g. B. the new Bafang M410 central motor. Now the Chinese company has unveiled a new 3-speed transmission hub. Cleverly relieves the driver from manual gearbox.

Bafang, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-bike drivetrain systems, is expanding its product portfolio in the drivetrain component area. The Chinese manufacturer launches a new 3-speed automatic transmission hub. This should be particularly suitable for e-trekking, e-city and e-cargo bike (reductions 1: 1, 1: 1.36 and 1: 1.65). The hub can be combined with wheels of different sizes from 20 to 28 inches, disc brakes and V-brakes as well as different types of bicycles.

The 80 Nm hub weighs 1.7 kg and can be supported by both chain and belt motors. According to the manufacturer, it can also be used on normal bicycles without any electrical support.

Bafang automatic transmission makes cycling more convenient

According to Bafang, an optional speed sensing sensor can replace the traditional chainstay sensor. This allows for a clean solution for mid-drive drives. In addition, the new 3-speed automatic hub has precise switching points, designed for 25km / h for a pedelec or 32km / h, whichever is your choice. Thanks to optimally coordinated shift points (cadence calculation / base 38D / 16D chainring), the hub should make pedaling more comfortable and manual shifting is not necessary.

As further technical specifications, the manufacturer appoints a belt freewheel (optional, open to Gates specifications), specifications of the single freewheel 16T or 18T, 135mm OLD, hub diameter 99mm, 36x13G spoke hole and an additional sprocket inside .

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