Bad surprise: these are the 5 biggest calorie traps in the summer

It’s complicated: on the one hand, many people attach special importance to a good figure, especially in the summer, on the other hand, this time of year is tempting with delicious calorie traps.

It is well known that too much ice cream can get on the hips.

However, things are a little different with some hidden calorie traps you can indulge in in certain situations in the summer without thinking too much about it.

And it’s good: don’t forget to have fun. If you’re still wondering where the extra pounds come from and why your favorite shorts are a little tight: the following calorie traps are sure to include one or the other culprit.

1. Sugary refreshment

Frozen soft drinks promise quick chilling, but unfortunately, they’re also a bad calorie trap. Whether it’s cola, lemonade, or multivitamin juice, you can’t avoid less than 100 calories per glass with any variety.

It becomes less if, for example, you mix the juices with mineral water to make a spritz. Of course, one thing is clear: the “thinner” the juice spritz is mixed, ie the higher the proportion of water, the better in terms of calories.

So-called “by the water” drinks are also lower in calories, but not entirely calorie free. These are mineral waters flavored with fruit or herbs and contain only about 30 calories per glass.

Infused water is completely calorie-free: Fruits, herbs or vegetables such as cucumber are placed in a jug with water. Calorie-free taste – perfect for summer!

2. “Light” snack at lunchtime

When temperatures are warm, people happily do without a hot meal during their lunch break. Salad is often used as a lighter alternative. However, this can backfire.

Because the healthy dish is really that figure-friendly can quickly become a calorie bomb, depending on how it is prepared.

Ready-made dressings, in particular, are often high in fat and sugar. With tasty extra toppings like croutons, cheese, and nuts, the salad can be as calorie-rich as a hearty, hot meal at the end of the day.

3. Cold coffee break

At no other time of the year do you drink as much iced coffee as in summer. Understandably, because who likes to drink hot coffee even when the temperature is hot?

But big surprise: iced coffee naturally contains ice – and creamy vanilla ice cream isn’t exactly a flatterer with nearly 200 kcal. If you add whipped cream and a decorative waffle maker, you’ll also get a total of 650 calories from the sweet refreshment.

Better: Chill the cold coffee with ice cubes, whisk with a touch of vanilla sugar (only if desired) and pour the cold milk or almond drink. The lightest and most refreshing cold coffee is ready.

4. Toast at sunset

Celebrating the end of the day with a drink in the evening sun is definitely one of the “must do’s” of the summer.

But don’t be fooled by the liquid consistency: for a bit of summer with a cocktail like the Piña Colada, unfortunately you are paying 400 calories per glass.

And even a regular beer (129 kcal per bottle) or sparkling wine (160 kcal per glass) adds a lot of calories in the long run, aside from the health drawbacks that alcohol brings.

But that shouldn’t stop you from having a relaxing sunset. For those who want to look at their own figure while doing it, the wine spritz (only 69 kcal per glass) could be an alternative.

5. Beat against the cooking

Barbecue evenings are as much a part of summer as baking cookies are in winter. Sausages in particular like to end up on the grill, of course, as soon as they are fried.

But even 100 grams of bratwurst has about 330 calories. Additionally, there are many saturated fatty acids found in industrially produced meat and they do the rest to evoke love handles.

Chicken or fish, on the other hand, contain about 50% fewer calories.

However, you can get even better if you try some plant-based alternatives: mushroom skewers, zucchini or eggplant slices (seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano) can be tasty alternatives to the barbecue grill.

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