Avoid disease and stay healthy: 5 daily tips

Tip No. 1: a life in balance

Many people today have a daily life that demands everything from them: in addition to work and family life, they try to juggle home, friends and various recreational activities. But if you run from one date to the next, you risk running out at some point. In addition to this, the immune system also suffers from constant stress. It is all the more important to find a balance between activities and breaks, between work and free time. Only those who plan sufficient rest periods and even longer vacations from time to time will be able to remain healthy and productive over the long term.

Tip No. 2: respect the hygiene rules

Many diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses. These can be transmitted from person to person or deposited on surfaces via aerosols. High-quality hygiene items help stop the uncontrolled spread of pathogens. In addition to this, it is important to establish several additional rules of conduct in everyday life. This includes regularly airing the room, disinfecting surfaces, and washing hands several times a day.

Council No. 3: eat healthy

Diseases of civilization such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems or obesity are often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle with poor nutrition and little exercise. A balanced diet that provides all the important vitamins and minerals is an important cornerstone of health. The diet should largely consist of unprocessed foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. A low-fat, low-salt diet helps keep the risk of hypertension and obesity low. In addition, it is advisable to pay attention to the health of the gut, especially since the gut has such a great influence on the immune system.

Tip No. 4: get fit and stay fit

Sport and physical activity have a strong impact on well-being. Not only do they make us feel safer and better overall, but they also keep our minds and bodies healthy. Therefore, you should try to exercise at least three times a week for at least half an hour. It doesn’t matter if you take a long walk, go for a run or do yoga – the important thing is to be active.

Tip No. 5: the right mindset

The body and the mind inevitably come together: this is the basic principle of psychosomatics. Holistic health is only possible through the interaction of body and mind. If you are mentally ill, you will hardly be able to take care of your body. It is therefore important to always keep an eye on your mental health and make sure you feel balanced and satisfied. Everyone can find their way here. For some, it helps to meditate regularly or practice relaxation exercises. Another takes the time for long walks, journaling, singing, dancing, or making music.

Conclusion: health is no accident

There are health risks that we simply cannot control, but other things we can control. Those who follow a balanced diet, exercise enough, take care of their soul, live in balance and pay attention to respect for hygiene in everyday life increases their chances of becoming and staying healthy.

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