Auto sales in April: the Chinese auto market collapses

Status: 05/06/2022 11:18

The Chinese auto market has been under pressure for months. The broad blocks of the crown are hitting the sector. In April, the number of vehicles sold fell again significantly on an annual basis.

The broad blocks of the crown are hitting the Chinese auto market. In April, manufacturers’ sales in the People’s Republic fell by nearly half from the previous year, according to CAAM (Chinese Automobile Manufacturers Association) in Beijing. After the recovery at the beginning of the year, the March trend continued at an accelerated pace. Chinese authorities have been trying for weeks to keep corona outbreaks under control in various large cities with large blockades.

The producer association CAAM measures the so-called wholesale sales of producers to retailers. The industry association PCA (China Passenger Car Association) measures the sale of passenger cars to end customers.

China is the most important market for German carmakers

China is the largest single market for the German car groups Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. In recent years, the rapid sales growth previously slowed slightly, and last year the chip shortage in particular caused production problems.

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