Do you take vitamin D supplements? Overdose can have dire consequences

A man who had been taking vitamin D supplements for months was struggling with serious health problems. In one case highlighting the dangers of supplement overdose, a middle-aged man in the UK was hospitalized after suffering from recurrent vomiting and other severe symptoms for three months. Doctors now warn that the case is an example … Read more

Researchers Develop ALS Vaccine | City of health Berlin

Sunday 10th July 2022 – Author: ham German researchers are working on a therapeutic vaccination against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a nervous disease. Thanks to EU funding, the prototype can now be further developed and, at best, will arrive at the clinic in a few years. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, abbreviated to ALS, is a diagnosis … Read more

The man poisoned himself with vitamin D

Doctors warn of a “medically unjustified tendency towards vitamin D and the corresponding hypervitaminosis”. Current cause: A man in Britain poisoned himself with the preparation and had to be treated in a hospital. Treating physicians report on the case in BMJ Case Reports. Several media outlets are now citing the analysis. As a result, the … Read more

Here’s how to relieve the symptoms

What is tennis elbow: symptoms and causes Tennis elbow is also known as epicondylitis in technical terms. This is a painful irritation of the elbow tendons. As a rule, tendon attachments are inflamed due to overload. The inflammation affects the tendon attachments of the forearm muscles, which originate in the bony protrusions of the humerus. … Read more

New flu vaccine to protect against all flu viruses – healing practice

Universal flu vaccine to offer complete protection An American research team presents a new flu vaccine that aims to offer more complete protection against influenza viruses. According to a recent study, the universal vaccine has the potential to significantly improve immune protection against influenza. Researchers from Georgia State University report in the journal “Biomaterials” a … Read more

Regular exercise is important

July 9, 2022 © runzelkorn – About 20 percent of people in Western countries develop metabolic syndrome – several metabolic diseases occur at the same time – which dramatically increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Internist Renate Hagenauer of the Rohrbach Clinic explains: “Symptoms include overweight with fatty deposits, especially in the abdominal area, … Read more