Attention! Scammers send new Telekom phishing mail

Apparently, the scammers are again sending emails in the name of Telekom. Presumably, customers need to confirm their data. In reality, it is personal information.

Internet scammers re-send fake emails in the name of Telekom in an attempt to steal user data. The email, which is currently arriving in many inboxes, claims that there was a suspicious attempt to access the victim’s email address.

The text of the e-mail states that the login attempt activated Telekom’s security system. This is why they now turn to the recipient of the mail and ask them to “confirm their details” – “Click here,” he says.

What exactly is meant by “data” is not explained in the message, nor what exactly it should confirm. Under no circumstances should recipients click on this link. Because the sender is not Telekom, even if the format of the email makes it seem authentic at first glance.

Criminals usually want to steal personal data

Instead, criminals try to dig up names, addresses, phone numbers and other data in this way, then use them for fraud.

The reason given in these emails for an alleged data comparison varies often – ultimately, however, this type of email is always about capturing user data.

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