Attention customers Savings Bank and Volksbank: beware of these new scams

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Customers of savings banks and Raiffeisen banks currently have to beware of a scam. Criminals want to get their data with fake emails. Here’s how to protect yourself.

The Schleswig-Holstein Consumer Advice Center is currently alerting Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken customers of a phishing scam. In the e-mails, users are informed of an alleged “suspicious transfer” for an amount of 4,999 euros. This is said to have already been cleared, but now the user should perform an account check via an attached link.

As is often the case, emails are fraud attempts, through which attackers want to obtain their victims’ account data. In this case, the messages are relatively easy to unmask as fake based on the not very serious email address “”.

If you have received one of the emails, you should move it to your unanswered spam folder.

Savings bank customers are also being targeted again by scammers

Sparkasse customers also need to beware of phishing attacks again.
Sparkasse customers also need to beware of phishing attacks again.

Consumer Center SH

The consumer advisory center has also been warning for a few days about a scam targeting Sparkasse customers. Sparkasse is reported to have developed the so-called “Sparkassen Fingerprint System (SKFS)”. This is to protect against unauthorized access to user accounts. Recipients should just click the link in the email to activate it.

Again this is still a fraud attempt with which attackers want to obtain the account data of their victims. Similar to the phishing attack described above, you should also move these emails directly to your spam folder.

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