Atchoo! How to avoid a runny nose and itchy nose: the doctor gives advice

“You don’t get a cold from drafts! Don’t catch a summer flu or flu-like infection with an air conditioner or wet bathing suit. A cold is an infection that requires a pathogen. In 99% of cases, a virus precedes the disease. However, drafts and air conditioning play a role as they dry out the mucous membranes and make us more susceptible to infection. The natural barrier of the mucosa against viruses and bacteria is reduced “, explains Dr. Picchio.

So, if you expose yourself to drafts too often, viruses and bacteria get by easily. Therefore, the following tips for prevention against the summer cold:

  • Avoid drafts, such as exposing only to indirect air from the fan
  • Do not turn up the air conditioning too much because we do not want to cool too much.
  • Before getting out of the car: Slowly lower the air conditioner
  • Changing wet clothes (especially in the pool)

We can also take these tips to heart in the height of summer and overnight. Slightly disappointing, but what’s clear is that we can’t wait until July to get started with the major immune system boosters. So the hypothesis of throwing something in to arm ourselves against the summer cold – according to the general practitioner, does not work. However, according to Dr. I tap a few adjustment screws against the annoying cough and runny nose, which we can definitely turn.

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