Asymmetrical MTB shock absorber for off-road and downhill

Italian suspension manufacturer Marzocchi, taken over by Fox, has something new in the luggage: an air shock absorber with asymmetrical reservoir, available in various installation sizes for dirt and downhill bikes. Its special appearance guarantees better access to the compression adjuster and, thanks to its higher volume, it should ensure complete and consistent performance, even on very long descents. All information is here!

Marzocchi Bomber Air MTB shock absorber: info and prices

Marzocchi’s suspension specialists not only knew how to build suspension after the takeover by Fox Racing Shox, but the know-how and engineering of the Californian suspension giant definitely revived the Italian brand. Now a new air damper is coming to the market and surprises with a somewhat idiosyncratic look. Because the damper tank is not in line with the damper body, but is angled asymmetrically. This should help for better frame adjustment or better access to compression adjustment.

  • Asymmetrical damper reservoir design for better access to the compression adjuster
  • Optimized air valve position for increased frame clearance and improved pump access
  • adjustment without tools
  • available in metric and trunnion configurations
    • Metrisch: 190 x 45, 210 x 50, 210 x 52.5, 210 x 55, 230 x 57.5, 230 x 60, 230 x 65, 250 x 75 mm
    • Trunnion: 185 x 52.5, 185 x 55, 205 x 60, 205 x 62.5, 225 x 75mm
  • weight 484 g (also 205 x 65 mm)
  • Availability from now on
  • Preis 639 € (recommended price)

# The Marzocchi Bomber Air MTB shock absorber – asymmetric performance for € 639.

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Of course, the Bomber Air can also be purchased in a trunnion version.
# Of course, the Bomber Air can also be purchased in a trunnion version.
The special orientation of the piggy bank should help manage the pressure level.
# The special orientation of the piggy bank should help manage the pressure level.

The slightly larger shock reservoir, with its larger volume and higher oil flow, should ensure consistent performance even on very long descents and thus give you a lot of confidence on the trail. According to Marzocchi, the so-called Sweep Adjust compression adjuster eliminates any adjustment stress and allows for easy adjustment and adjustment on the trail. Access to the air valve has also been optimized through the selected position, so that the air supply can take place even without hitting the damper frame or housing.

Bomber-Air --- Cam-McCaul-5-1400x2100-1504dd51-5749-4292-bbb5-c73b6f0b0212
# Bomber-Air — Cam-McCaul-5-1400×2100-1504dd51-5749-4292-bbb5-c73b6f0b0212
Bomber-Air --- Cam-McCaul-2-1400x2100-8739f417-17a4-4f34-8fd7-b84b8b256bbe
# Bomber-Air — Cam-McCaul-2-1400×2100-8739f417-17a4-4f34-8fd7-b84b8b256bbe

The new Marzocchi Bomber Air MTB shock absorber is available in a variety of installation lengths, making it suitable for all types of bikes. Whether it’s a cross, trail, enduro or downhill bike, the Bomber Air should convince with its durability and value for money. The MTB shock is available with 40 to 75mm travel in a metric or trunnion configuration for € 639. In terms of price, the shock can compete with the new RockShox RC2T 2023 – it has yet to be proven whether performance is at the same level.

Bomber-Air --- Cam-McCaul-3-2100x1401-051d64cc-c9fb-4422-98b2-e9f02587caf8
# Bomber-Air — Cam-McCaul-3-2100×1401-051d64cc-c9fb-4422-98b2-e9f02587caf8

Bomber-Air --- Reed-Boggs-5-2100x1401-a480931a-ca0c-468a-92a5-9749524b5ea9
# Bomber-Air — Reed-Boggs-5-2100×1401-a480931a-ca0c-468a-92a5-9749524b5ea9
Bomber-Air --- Jaxson-Riddle-4-2100x1401-a15ed2f5-5021-4269-b076-83c0aa741c8c
# Bomber-Air — Jaxson-Riddle-4-2100×1401-a15ed2f5-5021-4269-b076-83c0aa741c8c

Bomber-Air --- Cam-McCaul-1-2100x1239-4035dbe0-5003-4c0c-9231-dfd08ae66d14
# Bomber-Air — Cam-McCaul-1-2100×1239-4035dbe0-5003-4c0c-9231-dfd08ae66d14

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Info and images: Fox press release | Marzocchi


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