Armin Landgraf New to Specialized: Former Canyon CEO Changes

Specialized announces an exciting change in management, with former Canyon CEO Armin Landgraf becoming the new Chief of Worldwide Markets. He gained experience not only with the online giant Canyon, but also with the owner of Santa Cruz Pon and with various car manufacturers.

Earlier this year, Specialized announced it would sell bicycles directly to customers under the “Ship to Home” name. The fact that Armin Landgraf, a manager with extensive online sales experience, is now being hired for the position of Chief of Worldwide Markets speaks to an intensified expansion of the program. According to Specialized founder Mike Sinyard, you definitely don’t want to do without the dealer network. In his new post, the German will lead excellence and innovation in interacting with customers and resellers. Scott Maguire remains CEO of Specialized.

I’ve managed brands that didn’t have an online business and I’ve managed a brand that doesn’t have a physical retail network. Each module has its weaknesses, but an organization that combines both brings many more benefits for customers, business partners and manufacturers alike. Specialized is comprehensive and offers the most promising immediate and long-term potential for motorcyclists and retail partners. Think about it: we have the strongest bicycle dealer network ever, the most iconic brand in cycling, an industry-leading product and strong customer demand. We will further develop digital interaction to excite motorcyclists, bring them to dealers and secure our position as a favorite brand for motorcyclists.

Armin Landgrave

As a brand, Specialized traditionally relies on an extensive dealer network
# As a brand, Specialized traditionally relies on an extensive dealer network – but for some time the Americans have also been expanding a direct sales system. So now you can order the wheels on your PC at your home or at the nearest retailer.

Armin knows how to guide us into the future of retail and customer experience that will benefit riders, dealers and Specialized riders. His passion for working with the trade will be the key to driver satisfaction. Cooperation with our business partners is a prerequisite for shaping the future together. Our relationship with resellers has been the cornerstone of our business model for nearly fifty years and that will not change. I realize that we have presented a number of challenges to riders and dealers due to the lack of availability. It was not an easy time for our partners. I know we need to improve to deliver the products our customers and resellers need and want. We will continue to invest heavily to connect with affiliate resellers through programs such as Find Nearby. Additionally, we are committed to remaining the most desirable and highly profitable brand for our retail partners through leading products, targeted distribution and superior service.

Mike Sinyard, Specialized-Gründer

What do you think about the change in Specialized and the trend towards more online retail?

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