Arkaden Castle Braunschweig: That’s it! This shop is closing

Braunschweig. Sad news since Arcades of Brunswick Castle – because now a shop has turned its back on the shopping center.

And fans of glass products, in particular, shouldn’t like it.

Arkaden Castle Braunschweig: This shop is closed

Something is clearing in the arcades of Brunswick Castle. There is another free seat upstairs.

The shop was located between the entrance to the customers’ bathrooms and the warehouse. But now there isn’t much left. We are talking about “Leonardo”. High-quality glass products have become indispensable in many households, but are now in Arkaden Castle.

Leonardo closes in Braunschweig – and has one last offer

The shop is already empty. A thank-you note still hangs in the window to visitors for their loyalty. And the suggestion that the display parts can also be purchased if you are interested.


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Braunschweig has been struggling with vacancies for some time. Not just in Arkaden Castle, but throughout the city center. The larger and smaller shops continue to turn their backs on the Lion City. The city has now come up with a plan to attract business again. You can read how it should work in this article (like this). (Abr)

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