André Breitenreiter explains the Zurich “hussar enterprise”

“We have rightly become champions of Switzerland”. Former Bundesliga manager André Breitenreiter won the title with FC Zurich. Surprising, sovereign, deserved. Breitenreiter and the team were celebrated accordingly. Also from the local press.

André Breitenreiter celebrates the championship with FC Zurich.

André Breitenreiter celebrates the championship with FC Zurich.
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Sunday it was time. Zurich prevailed 2-0 against FC Basel, their closest rivals, and their 13th league title was perfect. “Masters from nothing” was the title of the NZZ and asked in amazement: “How could this happen?”

Breitenreiter, in office since last summer, certainly had explanations that FCZ, which actually should have been more in the relegation zone, have joined the phalanx of Young Boys Bern (champions from 2018 to 21) and FC Basel (2010 -2017). is. “Today we reviewed how the team works,” said the 48-year-old after his victory in Basel and an unassailable lead of 16 points.

We have done great things – and I’m just the coach, the teammate.

“The team has so much character, so much heart, so much love. Really a great team. We have rightfully become champions of Switzerland,” continued Breitenreiter. With a clear recipe: “Communication, intuition and a clear game idea”, that is the offensive play of the offensive type in the 3-5-2 system.

And with a reluctant coach even after the championship. “I don’t want to put myself in the foreground here. We’ve done great things – and I’m just the coach, the teammate.”

An enterprise of decades

Tabloid Blick saw things slightly differently following his first title in Zurich since 2009. Breitenreiter is honored as a “stellar manager” who “exceeded wildest expectations and ran a business of decades.”

Breitenreiter at least let his players throw up after the success and was “glad my pants didn’t tear”. So the celebrations could start without a handicap and with a satisfied driver. “World-class, things are really going!”

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