and * thirteen novelties for 2023: tires, chainrings and dropper post

The components brand e * thirteen presents three new products in line with the increasingly intense cycling season. In addition to the colored chainrings and a new tire, there is also a new dropper post. You can find all the information about it here.

e * thirteen Corona Helix R: information and prices

The new e * thirteen Helix R chainrings not only look good thanks to a total of five different color variations, but should also impress with their performance. The AL-7075-t6 used is responsible for low wear, while the conspicuous CNC machining is intended to reduce weight. The chainrings harmonize equally with SRAM or Shimano chains and are available in two versions. The Helix R Direct Mount fits e * thirteen Helix, TRS, LG1 and XCX cranks, while the Helix R 3-Bold Direct Mount is designed for mounting on SRAM cranks. The crowns are priced at € 59 each.

  • Direct Mount colored crown
  • Compatible with SRAM and Shimano chains
  • Variants available for e * thirteen and SRAM cranks
  • Material AL-7075-t6
  • Colors Blau / Grau / Purple / Orange / Bronze
  • sizes 28 (nur Helix R 3 Bold Direct Mount) / 30/32/34
  • Price (RRP) € 59

# The new e * thirteen Helix R chainrings are available in five different colors.

Presentation: e * thirteen innovations for 2023: tires, chainrings and dropper post with 210mm travel

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CR4HRA-132 1024x1024 @ 2x

e * thirteen Grappler tires: information and prices

Another new addition to the line-up is the e * thirteen Grappler rubber. This is aimed at enduro and downhill riders and is therefore available in these two carcass options. You can choose between the slightly slower wear resistance compound and the more adherent MoPo compound. The Grappler is offered in both 29 ″ and 27.5 ″. The tire width is 2.5 ″ each.

With its finned profile, the e * thirteen Grappler is said to be the perfect tire for the most challenging, steeper and more technical trails. Here the tire should convince with a lot of grip and control. If you want to call the tire your own, you have to deal with prices between € 59.90 and € 69.90.

  • new enduro and DH tire for steep technical routes
  • wheel size 29 “/ 27.5”
  • tire width 2.5 ″
  • carcasses Enduro / DH
  • rubber compounds Resistance / MoPo
  • Price (RRP) € 59.90 up to € 69.90

The new e * thirteen Grappler tire is aimed at Enduro and DH enthusiasts.
# The new e * thirteen Grappler tire is aimed at Enduro and DH enthusiasts.

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e * thirteen Vario Infinite Dropper: Information and prices

The new e * thirteen Vario Infinite Dropper is available in four different hub options. The longer variant has a stroke of 210mm, while the shorter option has a stroke of 90mm. In addition, the stroke can be adjusted by 30 mm without tools. The dropper post is available in both 31.6mm and 30.9mm diameters and comes with a lifetime warranty on the e * thirteen aluminum cartridge. The cost is € 219 without leverage, which can be purchased for an additional € 49.90.

  • new dropper post with travel up to 210 mm
  • tool-free adjustment of 30 mm possible
  • Lifetime warranty on the aluminum cartridge
  • diameter 30.9mm / 31.6mm
  • Center 90 mm – 120 mm / 120 mm – 150 mm / 150 mm – 180 mm / 180 mm – 210 mm
  • Price (RRP) € 219

The e * thirteen Vario Infinite dropper has an adjustment range of up to 210 mm.
# The e * thirteen Vario Infinite dropper has an adjustment range of up to 210 mm.

thirteen support 3
thirteen support2

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