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Telekom is relaunching its prepaid rates. The company announced that the individual packages will have more power and some prices will remain the same. TECHBOOK presents the new prepaid offers.

If you want to get a new mobile phone contract, you have a lot of choice. One of the most popular providers is Telekom with its well-developed network. The company has now announced that the so-called MagentaMobil prepaid rates will change from May 17, 2022. Basically, all models from S to XL get an update in data volume. The price is also almost the same. The monthly discount increases for one model only.

An overview of the changes to Telekom’s prepaid rates

In this regard, it should be noted that from the tariff option M it will be possible to make phone calls and send text messages to all networks, including the fixed one, at no additional cost. So far, a fixed tariff for the whole network has been integrated only in the XL model, while all other tariffs have remained at a fixed tariff for telecommunications. With the new prepaid tariffs – with the exception of MagentaMobil Prepaid S – customers also have access to the network operator’s 5G network.

The smallest fee in the wallet gets the long-awaited data flat fee with the changeover to the euro. The rate used to be without a data volume, but now 500MB per month is included. But also for this, customers pay more: the MagentaMobil Prepaid S tariff therefore costs EUR 4.95 instead of EUR 2.95. The deadline for all options is four weeks, or 28 days. Rate S also includes 50 free minutes on all German networks, including the fixed network. You can still make unlimited calls and SMS in the Telekom network.

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The M model gets an update too. Customers receive 3GB of data per month for € 9.95. In the L rate, the price remains at € 14.95 for 5 GB. And the prepaid XL MagentaMobil rate has also improved. In the future, 7GB will cost 24.95 euros with a four-week term. In short, the following applies to these prepaid rates: More data volume at the same price. However, the MagentaMobil Prepaid Max remains unchanged. This means: unlimited data volume, flat rate for the whole network and 5G.

The 5G annual plan also gets an upgrade

There is also a significant improvement in another model. The MagentaMobil Prepaid 5G annual fee will be equipped with 36 GB in the future. There is currently still 24 GB. This means that in the future customers will have 3 GB of data volume per month available for 99.95 EUR per year if the data volume is spread over 12 months. In addition, customers can expect a flat rate by telephone and SMS in all German networks and in the fixed network.

Those who still have a Telekom broadband connection can also benefit from the MagentaEINS prepaid benefit. Because starting with MagentaMobil Prepaid M, you receive one GB of data volume for free every month.

The new rates can be booked in the T-Shop, online at, in customer service and in retail. The same goes for existing customers.

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