Aldi occasionally sells Apple products, often at very reasonable prices. In most cases these are not new merchandise, but “refurbished” devices that have already been sold, then refurbished and offered again. The company partners with Renewd and even omits the Apple manufacturer’s name in the online store.

Aldi sells used Apple products from Renewd

In recent years, Aldi has sold iPhone, Apple Watch or Apple AirPods multiple times. Some of the products were offered as “refurbished” devices and were therefore inexpensive. Aldi works with the Dutch company Renewd. They offer refurbished Apple products like iPhones and Apple Watches across generations with a two-year warranty. The curious thing about the story is that Aldi even removed the Apple name for it. In Aldi’s online store, Watch Series 3 is advertised without the Apple branding (see Aldi).

Watch Refurbished Watch Series 3 on Aldi
The Apple Watch Series 3 is sold by Aldi as a refurbished product. (Image Source: Aldi)

Only in small print on the website can you see that it is it’s actually a real Apple Watch Series 3. The reason why the name is omitted remains open.

Aldi Talk also sells other Renewd products on the website (see Aldi Talk). There you will not only find the Apple Watch Series 3, but also the iPhone Series 4 or earlier. The devices of the iPhone 11 generation are currently listed there. Incidentally, Aldi is not Renewd’s only partner. Used Apple devices, for example also offered by Coolblue (look on Coolblue).

What you should know about Aldi:

Should you buy an Apple product from Aldi on Renewd?

Basically nothing speaks against it. Get a tested and refurbished Apple device with a two-year warranty. However, small signs of wear may be visible. You are also doing something good for the environment, because you are buying a device that has already been around and therefore does not need to be disposed of. However, the Apple Watch Series 3 is a discontinued product and will no longer receive watchOS 9. So it’s best to buy a newer model to keep getting software updates.