Aldi, Rewe, Lidl and Co: Due to inflation, THIS is what customers are doing now

Aldi, Rewe, Lidl and Co. are getting more and more expensive – now a sad revelation has come to light

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It is a tragedy: inflation holds Germany firmly in its grip. grocery shop Aldi, Rewe, Lidl and other supermarkets and discounters are getting more expensive every day.

Customers try to chase the latest deals, but for many things are looking bad. Incredible, with what methods some customers Aldi, Rewe, Lidl and Co. now take.

Aldi, Rewe, Lidl and Co: food prices continue to rise

According to “Welt”, inflation rose again in May and was 7.9%. This also has consequences for food prices: in one year they increased by 11 per cent.

The crisis is currently driven by several factors. Constantly high commodity prices and difficulties in global supply chains have existed for a long time. Since the end of February, the war in Ukraine has also caused high fuel and energy prices.

Some consumers are now taking tougher measures because they can no longer afford increasingly expensive food.

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Aldi, Rewe, Lidl and Co: customers take a difficult step

According to a survey by the Institute for New Social Answers (INSA), more and more customers are shopping in discount stores and fewer in supermarkets. About the same number, 42 percent, would now do without meat or fish to save money. A surprisingly large percentage (16%) even stated in the survey that they do not eat whole meals.


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This 16 percent also worries the president of the VdK social association, Verena Bentele. She fears that low-income workers in particular will soon “only be able to afford pasta and toast.” That is why you are asking for the VAT on fresh food to be removed, as reported by “Welt”. (mbo)

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