Aldi, Lidl and Co .: delivery bottlenecks and price increases now threaten these products too

Expensive shock at the supermarket:

Customers of Aldi, Lidl and Co. need to be prepared for higher prices and bottlenecks in delivery for the next product. Here we summarize what it is and what the reasons are.

There may soon be bottlenecks in the supply of canned tomatoes in Germany. This should probably also be associated with price increases. As the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports, the reasons are different.

Most of the tomatoes come from Italy. However, many farmers now rely on other products. Fodder cereals and corn are currently very popular due to the increased profit opportunities. According to Andreas Reimer, managing director of the Hengstenberg canning company, the acreage for tomatoes is decreasing by around 10%.

Aldi, Lidl and Co .: high demand for canned tomatoes means higher prices

The prices of tomato products could increase significantly in the future.
The prices of tomato products could increase significantly in the future.

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Furthermore, the demand is still very high. Even the good harvest of 2021 was therefore not able to guarantee that the warehouses were full.

The price of tomato raw material is currently 18% higher than last year’s level. In addition, there are soaring energy prices, which have a major impact on the cooking of canned foods, as well as bottlenecks in packaging delivery. Prices are likely to rise further.

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